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Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
As much as it would be good to hear, they can't do any re-recording or remixing without rendering the original album completely redundant. I still think the remastering for Stay Beautiful and Love's Sweet Exile on National Treasures is great. If they can get everything else up to that level (which, to my ears, they didn't do on NT, especially You Love Us), then that's a job well done.

Obviously the anniversary has been and gone, so I take that to mean they'll be using the Christmas market once more to release a rip off box set version. I wonder what unbranded goodies they'll pick up from the Boots sale to include in it this time?
There is a rumour that the box set will come with a Richey Edwards "razor blade slash" action figure and a "screaming in fear" Steve LaMaque figure. Apparently, Nicky has been going around Clarks looking for as many empty shoeboxes he can find
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