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Hits is always possible for a record company wanting to bleed a cash cow.

The only Manic Street Problem with that idea (whether it's in the contract or not) is that the importance of the singles chart has waned significantly over the last couple of decades. But more significantly, the band haven't actually had any "hits" (aka: top 40 singles) since 2010.

That, I suspect, makes a "best of" more likely, but even that's a bit of a tricky sell in an era of playlists on Spotify/Apple Music.

That said, if the band were obliged to put something out I'd just split the 2 audiences. For the hits, (and assuming there's no clamor from casual fans for a new compilation) just say "save your money and go buy National Treasures." No single disc or even double disc hits would properly do the band justice, as you'd have to drop classic material to put new stuff on there. For younger fans discovering the band, it might be fun to package the material up in a new way. One way of doing that would be to make a 3 disc set, one for each era (92-96, 98-07, 09-19), perhaps housed in a fancy book or something to make it a worthwhile purchase. No-one would agree on a definitive best of, but the band could put their favourite songs on there, free of the need to make a hits CD with only their most commercial songs on it.

For the hardcore, why not do a proper (and I do mean proper) book/box with all the vault stuff people have been asking for. Astoria videos. T in The Park 1999. All the demos. Loads of rare footage. Basically a PPF tour in a box.
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