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Originally Posted by Son of Stopped View Post
But are they still signed to Sony? I've read they signed to a new label and RIF was either the first, and I'm sure I also read RIF was their last album for Epic? Which is Sony obviously.
Would try and make one show. But would be more enthused about new album than another compilation. I'll buy either and even a Lipstick Traces Part Two if they aren't going to deluxe everything they haven't already deluxed..
RIF is 100% Columbia = Sony

Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
It was reported over a year ago that they’ve signed a new deal with Warner, including confirmation from Warner itself, but it really doesn’t feel like they’ve left Sony.
JDB said recently himself they're still on Sony recordwise

I don't want another "greatest hits/reissue album & tour. I'd like them to take a break, write good songs, make a really good album and then tour in a year or two.

I understand that the money is needed, after this new studio flooding and whatever The Other Reasons are, but thank you very much. If they do the same thing next year, I'm only going to a gig or two.
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