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Topical additions.

#50 Due to an administrative error / accidentally clicking the wrong autocorrect button in an email, the next Manics tour will be supported by The Vaccines.

#51 COVID-19 tried to infect Sean, but he just told it to get lost and for once it simply had to obey.

#52 Nicky has a had a shed full of toilet rolls since March, ‘just in case’.

#53 James is still not sure if Zoom is or isn’t a real-world, perfected version of Willy Wonka’s Wonkavision, transporting people inside the screen during the call. He has tried contacting Mike Teavee’s agents to confirm or deny, but they are currently ‘out of the office’, a fact which has only resulted in emphasising his existing suspicions it actually is all Wonkavision, after all.
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