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Buying KYE is a day I remember so well. I had turned 16 in November '00 and we had just moved to a town that had a record shop (several actually ) and I was so excited over it all. What a feeling it was to be able to walk and buy a cd, instead of trying to ask family friends to pick one up when they sometimes drove down to the bigger towns!

Anyway, I was a mad fan and it was the 3rd MSP album that I bought as it was released. I remember how happy I was that they'd gone back to being more rock, but I also remember KYE not striking me the way EMG did back in 1996. I was a happy fangirl anyway, also bought the lyrics poster someone mentioned as well as the Braindead Motherfucker pin, which I still wear today. I thought the album was a bit odd (...) and I didn't really get a grip on it, but there were most definitely songs that I loved immediately, such as Found That Soul, Intravenous Agnostic, Wattsville Blues, Miss Europa, The Convalescent, Baby Elian and Freedom Of Speech. I was and still am a big fan of KYE's lyrics, especially now when I understand certain things better. Oh and I remember my mum loved the video for So Why So Sad!

Over the years KYE has grown on me, it's not an album that I pick first but it's one that I need to listen to on regular basis. When I get the urge to hear it, it always sounds soooooo good. These days it's up there on the "better side" of my MSP albums top 12.

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