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It's interesting to speculate about the recording process of this one. But as Jimmy put it in Rank Your Records:

"There is a noise reduction on that record, that punk genesis we had at the start, which still exists on other records, which is definitely stripped away on This Is My Truth. It’s very much an album in that it’s just trying to present the songs. There is no subterfuge or subtext, it’s just about the songs. And while I loved making it and being part of the success, I still sometimes find it hard to 100 percent embrace."
I know they rag on Tsunami, but I always felt the weakest (recorded) song on the album was You Stole The Sun. All of the energy seems sapped out of the track compared to the live version, which was always 100% more bouncy and energetic and loads better as a result.

I imagine when they first demo'd the album it will have had more of a shade of EMG about it. It might be a bit like the way Empty Souls changed from the Isle of White to the recorded version perhaps?
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