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Morning FD! Well, Friday was definitely an experience. The filming was done at Cardiff and Vale College in a big room circled with black curtains. It felt quite awkward a lot of the time, as during the filming the whole room was dark apart from a huge circular light which I had to stare into as I was talking, plus they asked me to take off my glasses so I was half blind into the bargain, staring at a blurry light, listening to a disembodied voice asking me questions about something I did 20 years ago! Also, it wasn't just a normal conversation as I basically had to repeat the question in my answer, eg 'how did you feel in the weeks leading up to the Millennium?' 'In the weeks leading up to the Millennium I felt really excited' etc). So I'm worried I might come across as a bit stilted and generally bewildered. However, the crew were lovely and said I did well, so fingers crossed it won't be too intensely cringe-worthy to watch! All in all, it proved that I'm definitely more comfortable with the written word than the spoken!

Speaking of which, I'm off to edit my blog post about the Brixton 2002 gig, should have that up later today

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