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This is a theory (not mine) about why Kanye West wore the Richey Raf Simon's shirt:

Kanye West seems extremely knowledgeable, as Richey Edwards is quite possible the Kanye is also a Mason in his own right...Masonry is all symbolic so it would not be impossible to consider that what Kanye was doing here was to give a nod to his fellow Freemason members, or other society as it may be, showing the continued importance of Richey Edwards. Possibly as a reminder or ‘celebration’ of the [20th] anniversary where he was successfully removed from helping awaken the world

That explains the facebook group header picture of Kanye.

Richey knew too much. He opened our eyes and he was removed.

And he didn't even get to buy some bitcoins to get that fake passport from the dark web or hire a hitman (and watch some Red Room live for lyric inspiration).

This Noake bloke's a bit quiet.
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