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Originally Posted by UEF View Post
JFPL10 next year, anyone? (if you can believe that!)
Stick on Primitive Painters, Vision Blurred and the alternative Bag Lady and they can take my money now!

Any thoughts on fantasy tracklisting for TIMTTMY ? I'd love to hear any of the following :
Early (Happy Mondays esque version) of Prologue to History - half remember mention of this but might have made that up!
Demo of Be Natural that they thought could be a single
Demo of Tolerate in its 'nothing more than a bside' version
Any other version of My Little Empire (am sure I'm in the minority by wanting to hear a version with just Wire's vocals)
A clean audio version of Ready for Drowning with John Cale

Surely they all have a demo of Tsunami too but are keeping quiet about it
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