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Originally Posted by Velocitygirl View Post
Absolutely. That is truly shitty behaviour. Forrest has gone on record saying Richey never approached her for sex, or ever saw her "that way". But she was known to have been in a short relationship with James. So it was probably him.

For what it's worth, others have talked about going with James (they were groupies) and all stated he was the perfect gent throughout. But James was probably in a very different mindset at this time.

So, really, who knows?
Oh, Iíve heard that too and yes, a completely different time and mindset for him. Of course, one personís word doesnít necessarily make it true.

Originally Posted by raven View Post
Based on what??
Does she name James? Have you asked her directly? Really who fucking knows indeed
Maybe you could scribble Withdrawn Traces the sequel. If the first tosh sees the light of day o course

Why's the thread become the Sun??
You know, Iíve always appreciated your contributions here, but this is completely uncalled for! No one is stating any of this as fact, just reiterating what otherís have said. I personally brought up the passage because it was mentioned a few pages back, I didnít include it to shame anyone or spread ďgossipĒ!

Man, itís replies like this that pushed me away from this forum a few years back. Iím still not comfortable posting here because I know someone will inevitably take something the wrong way even though I feel like I do my best to explain my reasoning. Ugh! Whatever!
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