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Can anyone copy and paste the times review in here? You have to register to see the full article and I'm lazy

The interview in the Wales online makes me want to read the book just for the personal archive, family tree, what he was reading ...but then I see the bit about him not getting on with the others -and all the other nonsense mentioned here -and I don't anymore.
I know people have issues with privacy but normally a close family member or friend should be the perfect person to ensure care is taken when publishing such things. Personal papers have been published before...Virginia Woolf's diaries, Sylvia Plath's letters even Anne Franks diary and that was the diary of a child....considered a classic today, John Lennon's letters, - Yoko Ono has always been fiercely protective of Lennon's legacy. Kurt Cobain's journals..- publication of his suicide note shouldn't have been made public in my view however.
Having an interest in the archive does not mean the reader is looking for juicy gossip or doesn't support the band. Of course we support them. 1000%.

As for richey maybe still being alive , we don't know he wouldn't give permission today. Again revert to those who knew him best about what to publish.
In defense of this Jo, she's never come forward before..if these letters are considered 'safe' to publish then they probably are. Not everything needs to be deeply personal.

About leaving out the personal diary ...Richey had strong opinions on people and topics . In this age of Twitter Rage where people love to misquote single sentences out of context, that might be a reason why none of it is included. Or perhaps it contains entries where he's obviously struggling. Again , not appropriate to publish. It might even have entries where he is positive about the band. Not appropriate for SHRs agenda .

Anyway .. I think Richey more than deserves a decent biography. It's a shame we're not getting one.
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