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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
Btw, it would seem that the individual or individuals that run the Richard Edwards FB page may be reading these pages because both the 24 hour clock and the sighting at the Embassy Hotel have been addressed on that page soon after being discussed here. If you’ve not seen the post from today, apparently the Metropolitan Police say there is no written statement about when he checked out of the hotel and apparently he did sign out upon departure, but the date is recorded as Feb 2, 1994 and no time of departure was recorded. Shoddy police work indeed!
That's kind of what I remember. I have always wondered about who actually spotted him. There is no indication of anyone like staff at the hotel mentioned. Although possible, I can't understand how anyone could say "ok he gets out of the elevator walks left and then right and then down two steps. Who pays attention that closely with so much precision? Frankly, If it was me, I probably
wouldn't notice anything unless he brought attention to himself. And perhaps he did and that was part of the plan. It doesn't sound. like he had enough time to leave the hotel and come back.
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