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Originally Posted by Mr Richey View Post
One random observation: why does the author refer to Rob Stringer as “the living embodiment of capitalist evil”? That’s a bit fucking strong, don’t you think?
Originally Posted by Routine Builder View Post
Head of major record label? Maybe just being tongue and cheek, she was writing for the NME after all. It's a magazine that always preferred snark and hyperbole over actual journalism.

Just a fun tidbit, Ms. Ellen was the journalist who 'reviewed' GT for the NME. Though she gave it 10/10, the review more like a press release for the band rather than a review of actual music. I don't think any song titles are even mentioned.
Definitely tongue in cheek. There's a sardonic tone throughout.

Completely separate to the above I'm confused as to where the anti-semitism accusations in relation to the book have originated from? From the
book? Her public facebook page? I get that if someone's read something in the book they won't want to quote it as that is likely being reviewed by a legal beagle at the minute but quite an accusation?

The hotel ticket and toll ticket up on the Richard Edwards site are interesting. To me it gives more credence to the idea that he may have left the hotel, returned and then checked out. From the oracle that is Google (!) it takes approx 2 and a half hours to reach the bridge from the Bayswater Road, of course the roads would have been quieter but it still couldn't have been much after midnight if he'd checked out at that point to never return and I wondered, because it's just a stamp and they haven't bothered to record a time how likely is it that they would have put the date as 1 Feb instead of still 31 January if it was not long after midnight? Funny to be that precise but not record the time.....but I don't know their procedures. Seems sloppy that the police didn't pick up on it. Unless they'd had a good credible eyewitness account telling them 7am - possibly whoever stamped it? Guessing that was done at the desk?

I'm not sure any of it says anything about what happened to him definitively but I guess if you can paint a clearer picture of his movements and actions you might have a better idea of his state of mind on that night
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