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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
This person has been doing this all over the the FB band and a Richey pages for the past few days. I’m not sure if they’ve been hacked or they are going through a manic (psychological. Not the band) period. Either way, I’ve been careful not to respond or engage. I think others have been taking the same appraoch.

I think some people think there was a first attempt while others believe what Richey said of the event, that he was testing the limits of what his body was capable of handling and that it wasn’t a suicide attempt. He did have multiple scars on his wrists during the THB tour which suggests perhaps he just couldn’t admit to himself that he had tried to take his own life.

I have never believed he killed himself by jumping from the Severn Bridge, but after reading some of the pages in this new book, I think he was a lot more ill than any of us really believed so now I’m not sure. I still think he intended to disappear and start again somewhere and as someone else, but whether or not he made it depends on if he had help from someone because I don’t think he would have made it on his own.

Question: the passport he left behind in his flat is included in the new book and, as mentioned many times before and corroborated by Rachel, was clearly staged, but it also includes the photo taken when the band did their first gigs outside Britain in 90/91. Aren’t the last known photos of him supposed to have been for his passport renewal before heading to NYC? If he didn’t have his passport renewed, why did he have those photos taken? Maybe I’m really reaching here, but it does seem odd.

I think that's a great theory about his wrists and the fact that he may not have wanted anyone to know. So he wanted to minimize the attempt himself to carry on. I remember that JDB was upset with Simon Price when he reported that it was an attempt. Maybe he didn't want to believe it then but something changed his mind? Speculation as I can't find any documentation describing it as an attempt but now I think about it did it say that in the missing report"?

What does the book say regarding his mental health?? or that it was worse then we thought? I honestly believe he was very very sick. Things like beating his head against wall of hotel saying he wanted to go home or breaking his guitar and hitting himself with it at the Astoria has led me to believe that. More evidence to his state of mind is his obsession with Apocalypse Now, late night calls to nicky asking about the time, buying a meat cleaver. Someone on this forum I believe Bornagirl 76 told me the change his mental health it wasn't insidious or building up but was pretty dramatic and you could tell. IDK he was made to go to health farms after every tour, and was crying all the time so I think it was there and then he reached some breaking point. His last interview was sometimes incoherent and contradicting himself and the interview with MTV prior to the hospital and a couple of months after Philip's death seems to me immediate red flags. Again all of this is speculation. It was also reported as I said above that he was drinking, self harming and not eating sometime after he left hospital.

Sorry I seem to be rambling but based on all of this could he really have been able to pull off his disappearance without anyone else helping? The 2 weeks in the car have also been significant to me Now the ticket just adds to all kinds of theories and like you I also believe that he did not jump from the bridge.

Is this the first time we ever heard about the passport and old picture? What about this Vivian referred to? I don't want to go to the FB pages as I can already imagine what's being said there.

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