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Originally Posted by Dancing Kirby View Post
Info should be coming through anytime now. Amazon has put another two formats up.

The 3-disc set is listed as 24. I normally don't buy from Wow HD because they source their CDs from abroad (Hong Kong, I believe) and I'm fussy, but that's quite the price difference...

Wow HD says the label is Sony Legacy while Amazon says Sony Music CMG. The release date has also gone back to November, apparently.

Looks like the ridiculously expensive fourth and final format will be another official site exclusive. And you know WEK will use jiffy bags again.
I can't afford any super deluxe shoeboxes this time around. It's getting ridiculous. I'll buy the vinyl and the deluxe edition but not the super deluxe edition or the uber super deluxed anniversary gold plated signed for edition.
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