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Originally Posted by wireobsessed View Post
I totally understand if people hate what I'm about to write but this has really got to me. I won't read this book. Over the past two days I've become increasingly pissed off with what's been publicised and written. I know I've not read the book but from what has been written via Wales Online and The Sunday Times there doesn't seem to be much new evidence of anything. I get that Rachel is still grieving and frustrated and angry. God knows we all would be but it's her decision again to produce a book that just reinforces the "stereotypical" tortured rock star image of Richey. If she want to reclaim her brother this is not the way to do it. Too many people will simply focus on the sensational stuff-the anorexia, the drinking, the cutting and self harm, the psychological and mental health issues and then the way the book appears to push the idea that he was obsessive about disappearing. The front cover even seems to have been chosen to show the eternal "rock-star" image. If she'd wanted to reclaim him as her brother she should have used a different image.
That said, what has got to me most has been the issue she seems to have with James, Sean and Nicky. The Times article states she is angry with the band and it's hardly hidden. What the hell has she got to be angry with them for? They have acted with dignity and love from the moment Richey left. They still don't know the truth and have suffered just as much. Perhaps she should have considered that. They've clearly not been involved in this and you can't imagine them issuing any kind of reply or statement. It will inevitably hurt them for all sorts of reasons. It's been an incredibly tough 18 months for the boys and Nicky particularly, I wonder if Rachel ever considered that when she was involved in this and particularly with the press articles surrounding the book release? Mourning for a loved one brings back all those feelings of loss you've experienced before, I feel for Nicky so much. It must feel like a smack in the face.
I hate exploitative journalism and this feels so much like that. The release date coincides with Richey's disappearance, the press focussing on the mythology, which Rachel claims to want to avoid, the cover photo, publicly expressing anger at the band and raising the issue that Richey didn't like them or get on with them before his disappearance.... I could go on.
Wherever and however he is, I hope he's found peace. If he is out there living a quiet, happy life this won't help him either. Let things be, rakeing over details, myths and whatever's won't help anyone; least of all Rachel. Some things need to be left well alone; this is one of them.
Agree with all of this.

Although I can understand why Rachel may not have a particularly good relationship with the band (and to be honest, I've had a suspicion for a long while that things weren't entirely amicable...from a few things read in interviews and just a hunch given the circumstances really), even though it's clearly not helpful or fair to be throwing blame around over something that happened so long ago and has quite obviously left everyone involved very traumatised and grief-stricken. Putting myself in her shoes, if it was my brother, I can imagine feeling resentment, whether rational or not. Richey had a whole other life with the Manics that his family weren't really a part of. They, Nicky in particular, probably knew him in ways his family didn't. Who knows what would have become of Richey if he'd never joined the Manics? I can see from a relative's point of view how that could all lead to negative feelings, even if the band themselves have done everything they can to be respectful of Richey and honour his memory since. I don't think the Manics have exploited him though...can you imagine the outrage if they just ignored him and never spoke of him? It's a fine line to tread and I think they've always done their best in very difficult circumstances.

Some of what I've read around this has made me quite protective of the band actually. I'm not taking 'sides' as such seen as I'm in no position to, but it does feel like a low blow to bring the band into it and I can't help but think that Rachel's vulnerability (particularly after losing her parents as well) and desperation for answers have been taken advantage of by other people involved with the book.
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