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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
Lol! You're hilarious!

Wow, this book sounds more and more enthralling every day!

What Richey site?
Yeah, my site. I had forgotten about SHR until this thread.

BTW, she sent me this email back in November 2016:

Dear Vivian, I hope it's alright I contact you here. I'm a friend of Rachel Edwards (Richey sister) and we are currently re-investigating Richey's last months and his subsequent disappearance.

We have a book coming out next year with Penguin/Virgin publishers which can be found here via Amazon: Withdrawn-Traces-Searching- Foreword-Edwards/dp/ 0753545349 This will include Richey's personal archive (photos, letters, poetry, diary entries) and recollections from Rachel and those closest to him.

We are also, however conducting a private investigation separate from the book, and have spoken to many who have helped us so far in trying to piece Richey's last year with the band before his disappearance.

I was wondering if perhaps we could have a chat at some point pertaining to information mentioned on your website? Of course as I stated above, this conversation would be totally separate from the book and the information would only be shared with Rachel and myself. I could also give you some confirmation of Rachel's involvement as I understand you may have had unsolicited requests in the past.

We understand we are going back quite a few years in terms of content on the website, but Rachel and myself are trying to pursue any information that may help her shed some light on a time in Richard's life that may have contributed to what happened on the 1st of February, 1995.

Many thanks again, and look forward to hearing from you.
Kind regards.
I wrote back saying okay, and never heard from her again.
I've had a bunch of times over the years, when people from magazines, newspapers,etc. ask to speak to me about my site, I say yes, and I never hear from them again. I want to be helpful, if I can, and I've just gotten so tired of it! So, when the author of Saturday's article, David Owens, wrote to me in December asking to talk, I never replied. (I also didn't reply because I've been battling a serious disease since last Spring and I was living in a nursing home when he wrote. I think fighting for my life is more important than Richey or talking to media about him.)

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