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Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
It’s actually really nice to all be so united and into something. Shame it has to be this.
I was going to say the same

That class photo of James and Nicky sat together is buried in appreciation I think if it hasn't been archived. No idea how to find now tho. It is indeed adorable and I'd love to see it again.
I think the band was initially James's idea? There's that story where Sean walks into the living room and James wants him out cos "it was my thing" ??
I'm not too sure richey could join other bands as he couldn't play much. Brilliant with words obviously but not too sure other bands would put up with the lack of musical skill. Some of my favourite band photos are of James showing him something on the guitar. There's 2 or 3 I think .

This thread is actually making me want to read the book to see how bad it really is. Sounds like I'm going to want to rip out pages and fling it at the wall
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