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Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
Good call on the JFPL stuff, you’re absolutely right. What is ‘basic research and comprehension’? I think someone said earlier, she doesn’t seem to have considered the fact that we all know this shit inside out, and if she’s coming at us she needs to be able to match that...
Exactly! That's what I'm personally counting on at least.

Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
Has this someone who knew some who knew someone been interviewed for the book? They sound like they’d be the perfect kind of real insight it’s dealing in.
No because his version of Richey doesn't align with the regular every day, saintly Joe they're trying to paint him as. He didn't have groupies, he had girlfriends! He didn't have mental illness, he had a social condition like Aspergers! He didn't believe in nothing, he was into conspiracy theories! Stories that perpetuate the "myth", whether true or not, don't fit their narrative.

Originally Posted by wireobsessed View Post
How the hell this has ever got to publication I don't know.
It likely got green lit because his story is captivating and the Manics are a British institution. It's a thoroughly British story though and while Europe and Asia may be interested in the book, I can say with absolute certainty, it won't shift many copies in N America. Outside of expats, the band isn't even really known here let alone Richey (you'd be hard pressed to find any bio of the band in conventional book stores and online). I can't see this book changing that.

Originally Posted by richeysite View Post
Amazon is now saying the book will be released 28 February, another two week delay.
Apple Books still says "expected 2/14/19". They're typically late with updates though.

Originally Posted by handbag View Post
SHR needs to know something.

Richey wasn't only a brave,sensitive, eloquent, thinker and poet. Sometimes he could be an immature dick and said and did some really stupid things. How about involving that perspective in your overall view of Richey.

Fucking hell, I love the man to bits but he was, after all, a pretty ordinary young man who happened to be intelligent and wrote some really good lyrics. Her facebook page is embarrassingly CoR territory.
Yep! Spot on! I was thinking the other day that we aren't likely to hear about his more salacious behavior towards women/teenage girls because there is no way in hell they’d go there (if they do, I'll be shocked!) which seems to me really disingenuous especially in the #metoo era.

Speaking of COR and SHR's opinions of Richey's fans and why there aren't more of them, her position really shows how out of touch she truly is with actual fans. I've been a Manics fan with a large appreciation for Richey in particular since I was 15 and I'm old now (lol) and not once in all those years was I ever called COR (at least not in a serious manner) or made to feel less of a fan for appreciating Richey Edwards. Not once! Most Manics fans love Richey! The only fan stigma associated which Richey was that whole COR period just before he went missing and for a few years after. I mean, if people object to your obsessive, delusional views on the man, that's not the same as being shamed or stigmatized for liking him. Maybe if she wasn't so hell bent on pushing fans away she might understand that.

Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
The idea that this book is about humanising Richey or presenting the ‘real’ him, a rounded person, is just laughable at this point. It’s doing the exact opposite, the things fans have always been accused of. Just with concerning endorsement.
It's designed to present a one-dimensional portrait of him with some crazy theories thrown in to make an otherwise meek book have some bite to it. I'm starting to think this book is more petty revenge than it is an attempt to reclaim him from the myth.

All of this is such a goddamn shame! This book could have really mattered to people with the right team working on it, but sadly the task of building his legacy has been handed over to someone so petty and selfish. Richey deserves better!

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