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Sorry, this is just a random memory that popped into my head yesterday (and again since that interview was linked). But all this talk of the band pressuring Richey and SHR blaming them for his spiralling illnesses etc. This occurred to me:

Didn't they offer Richey the chance to stay in the band as a lyricist only? Meaning, he would get to keep his position as one of the main songwriters, but not have to go out on tour with them and not have to worry about public appearances etc. But Richey himself refused to do this, thinking he would be shirking his share of the work.

I definitely read that somewhere. It could have been Simon Price's "Everything". I only bring it up because it's something I don't think anyone else has mentioned and further highlights just how absurdly wrong SHR is. The Manics did everything they could and more to help Richey and even they don't pretend that it was enough.
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