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Originally Posted by raven View Post
Not stating as fact just reiterating what other's have said is gossip no? I can sound more blunt than I intend sometimes. Although someone will always disagree with you, someone will at some point misinterpret you that's no reason to decide to leave the forum or any other place and certainly not my intention. Just a few posts, not just yours, had started to be pretty derogatory towards members of the band and none of it based on anything but hearsay and assumptions and a friend of a friend's dog down the pub who overheard....I just find/found it frustrating than when so many are critcising SHR for repeating unsubstantiated rumours, putting her own interpretation on some events and just telling plain lies with the intent to denigrate the 3 remaining members over pretty much everything that the thread would itself descend into rumour and gossip and painting James black. I know no one has said 'this be true fact' but a lot of damaging gossip never states that, just repeats itself, gets ever more ridiculous and yet still harms
No one's painting James in a bad light. You're taking what was posted a little too literally. As I said earlier, the issue has been discussed at length else where. There was no need to start insulting me over it.

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