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Originally Posted by Abstract Unknown Girl View Post
Saw this thread on Twitter earlier from someone who must have received an advance copy of the book somehow:

I find it worrying that someone (who seems to have been a big Manics fan in the past, even if not so much now) most likely not privy to the conversations going on within the fandom at the moment seems to have been taken in by all of this. Sentences like 'allegations, particularly relating to the rest of the band' makes me think it's as bad as we feared.

Also not sure I agree it's a 'fact' that Rachel is the 'driving force' behind this book either, but whatever.
My thoughts exactly - this guyís experience/verdict was exactly what I feared. Literally turned my stomach reading this. He seems smart and considered, and I donít want to assume heís just taken it all as gospel, but... he doesnít seem entirely unconvinced, put it that way.

Why would so much scandalously contrary information not set off alarm bells? Itís sounding - as we well knew it would be, at this point - like a mad hatchet job, full guns blazing, not just a few bits of dissenting opinion or conflicting information. Anyone with the vaguest knowledge of the band should realise such an onslaught cannot be in any way reasonable. SURELY?
I'll fax you an apology
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