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I'm still not clear where the antisemitism accusation has come from. The book? Except posts have stated that it's what they've heard about it not what they've read in it. If it's taken from a public post on her Facebook page then why not quote. I've only had a quick run through some recent posts but the only reference I can find to the holocaust is that the allies or rather their governments played a role in turning a blind eye. That's absolutely factual and does not implicate Jews wealthy or otherwise. (I did also come across the fantastic quote A wise man once said nothing ) So I'm puzzled. Statements referring to Rob Stringer as evil capitalist etc are taken from the Barbara Ellen piece, she makes sarcastic comments throughout, at no point refers to his religion .... and lets grab a Manics lyric from way back....In walkman sounds, hear Sony control
Again appreciate that if there is a derogatory reference to his faith in the book it shouldn't be quoted here as it hasn't yet been officially published but no one seems to be saying they have actually read such a reference
It's a strong accusation as theplague said it's not fair to throw it around unless backed up not just suggested or links assumed because she may or may not have criticised him as capitalist embodiment of evil...

Regards faking passports, I think, but my recall is tipsy, that at that time it was still possible to get a one year passport fairly easily? and at the time I believe someone from a missing person's charity and the police (!) had said it wasn't all that difficult to get a fake one (back then)... but the police did add that there was no evidence to suggest that was the case.
The photo on the missing poster - if that doesn't match the passport photo - I think there would have been more concern at the time no? It seems too obvious a thing to have missed and I've never heard his sister refer to it so probably there is an explanation that makes sense there.

I'm also pretty sure Novel With Cocaine was left in the box to Jo and that's it. I know the Emma Forrest story but I think that's what she was referring to although yes I know she said he gave it to a friend and emphasised she read the foreword. She said that back in '96 but I was aware of the book before then. Can't remember how but I do remember coming across a copy very soon after, not a year after, and feeling a little twilight zone. No it wasn't handed to me by a mystery man with a Welsh lilt and a highlighter pen. I'd remember that Aside from that interview with Emma Forrest no other reference to it being handed to someone has been made - all references trace back to that. I don't think her intention was to mislead.. he left it for a friend she maybe could have chosen her words more carefully but

Again I don't know but I feel it stretches credibility to think anyone else was involved not least because why would anyone do that? Put his family and friends through all this? It doesn't add up. Someone would have had to have been very close to him to be trusted and want to help as well which makes it even less likely that they could or would
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