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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
Yes, you're right! That book was apparently in the box. It was actually some of the videos he left - can't remember which one(s) exactly - that were not included in the list in the book. I find it interesting though that Jo wouldn't let the authors look at the box (this was discussed earlier in the thread) and it's contents as well as refusing to go on record now. It's been stated that she wanted to keep her memories of Richey to herself, but if that's the case, why allow them to quote her at all? I suspect that she either doesn't remember much of that period anymore or she doesn't hold the same views of him and his situation as she did then
The box may have been long recycled and the contents scattered. Certainly the videos would be long redundant now. Maybe she's settled with a family of her own. You might offer a couple of letters, not wanting to shut anyone out so to speak but I can understand a reluctance to take a full part especially if that's her past now. From what's been said about the book it sounds like they've given maybe too much prominence to what they do have from her and to long ago conversations

Originally Posted by Finn View Post
In reference to the book, it says that Rob Stringer had words with Richey during their last stint in the studio. It talks about concerns about the bands next step and financial losses. It adds that part of the problem/discussion might have been Richey's shaved head and striped PJ's look- 'the elephant in the room' that seemed to suggest 'a concentration camp vibe' (the books descriptions, not mine.) It specifically states that this might of offended Stringer because of Jewish family members. It's that mix of comments about money, control, holocaust imagery and Jewish family members that some readers have found dogwhistley. Others haven't.
Ah, thank you. To me it sounds like poor research and supposition to deflect from any criticism of Richey....which seems to be the book in a nutshell.....
I don't think there's anti-semitism there I think they're just trying to brush any suggestion that his image was belittling the experience of the holocaust victim, turning their experience into a fashion statement away by suggesting Stringer was particularly sensitive to that owing to his family. Rubbish clearly.
Is there any suggestion there to be sensitive about? I didn't see any 'concentration camp vibe' (?) just a man who looked very unwell. Again the writer seems to create a problem almost and then deflect it by turning criticism elsewhere unless of course it's all about trying to find fault and blame. Suggesting Richey was being told essentially he no longer fitted in with the band's future. The bands own accounts of Richey at that point paint him as happier, more relaxed than he'd been in months which at the time they were pleased about and only on reflection much later on did it make them wonder if whatever he went on to do he'd decided already by that time
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