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It reads like it was written on the cocktail of drugs Richey was on in the NHS Hospital.

Bizarre train of thought mind on rollerskates style shit. For every interesting paragraph there's another 10 about Richey's ancestors in Mesopotamia and how the Pyramids in Giza served as a warning of Richey's imminent disappearance.

It honestly reads like a cry for help.

Originally Posted by River Boy View Post
For those interested in weird phenomenon, there is a history of black ghost dog sightings in the British Isles, but in Wales especially.

A friend of mine actually saw one when on holiday in Wales. She didn't know anything about the phenomenon so it was particularly interesting when she claimed to have seen a ghost dog.

Who'd have thought the Richey Edwards mystery would lead us closer to unravelling the Black Dog mysteries also? Perhaps 'Black Dog on My Shoulder' should be reconsidered.

The book sounds brilliant.
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