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Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
Mhm! If you got it on Amazon at least. Go to ‘my contents and devices’ IF YOU WANTED TO FOR WHATEVER REASON AND BOOK
Nah, I buy e-books through Apple. Apple's not as lenient about returns as Amazon is. Thanks for the info though!

Originally Posted by sofarsideways View Post
Also that 5* Amazon review is making me EXCESSIVELY TWITCHY
How many people have given it 5 stars? It's definitely NOT a 5 star book and the more I read of it, the more disjointed it becomes. I enjoyed the first few chapters and was actually pleasantly surprised by some of the research, but by the time the band starts rolling, it takes a nosedive. They speed through the Heavenly and GT era because it's pretty obvious their level of research didn't extend to the band years likely due to the fact that no one who matters in the Manic's circle would speak to them on or off the record (Caffy St Luce is quoted, but I'm not sure if she contributed or if they sourced it from somewhere else). It's just all over the place especially the constant references to conspiracy theories and making ludicrous comparisons. The parts that really pissed me off though and literally made me gasp when I read the passages, is the gross invasion of his privacy relating to his treatment and what caused him to seek treatment in the first place. He never spoke about that publicly even when asked and he maintained, to the press at least, that it wasn't a suicide attempt so I'm struggling to understand how they could violate his privacy like that even if they believe him to be dead. I really think they crossed all kinds of lines by sharing information about his treatment.

Originally Posted by Bonesy View Post
Bizarre train of thought mind on rollerskates style shit. For every interesting paragraph there's another 10 about Richey's ancestors in Mesopotamia and how the Pyramids in Giza served as a warning of Richey's imminent disappearance.
Lol! That's a pretty accurate description of this book! The thing is though, people are saying it's so great, etc. They must be reacting to the subject matter (it is kind of sad reading about his disintegration) because overall, this book is a mess!
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