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Originally Posted by Bonesy View Post
It's a tangent within a tangent with Aunt fucking Bessie always in the middle.

Ok, this book definitely has some questionable content concerning Jews, but stops just short of blatant antisemitism. She's giving her analysis of the Intense Humming Of Evil and she's colouring it with what reads like statements, but statements I don't remember him ever making in relation to the song or in general. It's not clear if she's referencing his notes or if they're just her interpretations. When did Richey ever argue "against the injustice of certain atrocities being conveniently ignored while other acts of genocide can be referenced when it suits an agenda"? When he and Nicky were being interviewed by Kaitlin Moran in '94, he said the Holocaust was THE most horrific event in world history (I agree and disagree with him on this, but that's beside the point). Those are not the words of someone who believes a certain group (she obviously means Jews) uses their own genocide as a political pawn. It's like this conspiracy theory nutjob has taken lyrics implicitly condemning one of the worst atrocities in history and manipulated their meaning so she can make a statement about the integrity of Jews. She even makes a comparison between Richey's statement about 'Schindler's List' being a dangerous film because it lionizes a war profiteer who exploited Jews, and the completely baseless theory that rich Jews profited from the war while poor Jews went to the gas chambers. This chick is nuts!
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