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We should put together some sort of "ransom note" with cut out letters and send it to The Management...OUR DEMANDS!

Yes please - 1) I want the mythical version of "LSE" which is supposedly far superior to the version they released. 2) Oh and the stars and stripes version of "You Love Us" which is bloody ace. 3) Don't rerecord stuff. Its wrong to tinker too much with the space/time continuum. Look what happened to Marty McFly = A whole bowl of wrong is what. 4) The colour on the sleeve fixed liked the band wanted it. Make it happen. 5) A full length (a twenty minutes mini-doc will be shown the door) documentary compilation of "candid" studio footage, twists n turns, drama n' heartwarming edge of the seat moments on the dvd WITH commentary track of james, nicky and sean eating chips, drinking from cans of fanta and laughing a lot. Oh and if you could do a blu-ray version for a pound more that'd be grand.

No thanks - 1) Demos recorded on "Mono-C60-ferrous-oxide-cassettes-ten-for-a-fiver from-the-Tandy's-downtown-you know-the-one-next-to-the-big-Wimpy" that are of such poor quality I'll listen to them once and put them on the shelf and never take them down til I'm moving house or dead. 2) B Sides most of us have in place of stuff we've never heard. C'mon space is serious on this shiz. 3) Live stuff (audio). Yawn. 4) Dont put crappy live stuff especially after the proper album on CD1 it totally ruins the atmos. 5) A 200 version in a dented Clarks' shoebox with "#49,999 of 50,000" written on the side in biro.
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