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Originally Posted by handbag View Post
Except John Lennon's parents were broke. His dad was a dick and left the family home, and his mum was knocked down by a car and killed. That large house (which looks bit posh to me) was his Aunt Mimi's who he went to live with at 18 and she was middle class. Yeah, Richey definitely sounds like he's from the same school.

The relationships thing I'm taking with a pinch of salt. None of it adds up. I'm doing the same with the entire book, although it's not a denial that Richey could be/was a bell end. Nobody's perfect and I never imagined he was for a second![/B]
True, but Aunt Mimi raised him so other than a brief period of living with his mum, he grew up in a lower middle class home. Nothing wrong with either men portraying themselves as growing up working class, I just think it’s interesting.

Why do you say you’re taking the relationships with a grain of salt? Do you think they’re stretching the truth a bit?

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And you could in theory return it for a refund when you’re done I mean what who said a thing?
Can you do that with e-books?

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Yes yes, we’ve all definitely been ‘attempting to hide, remove, or censor information’, that’s what this thread has been all about. It’s not an unadmittable crime to want to know wtf is going on with it...

“The Streisand Effect”? Lol! That was always going to happen.

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this book is bizarre wtf am i reading
Haha! Right? It’s getting really weird now.
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