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Originally Posted by junkymotown View Post
It's tricky... as any box I set I buy would just sit on a shelf and gather dust. Which seems kind of sad. I haven't played a CD in ... probably a couple of years. Let alone a tape or a record.

Anything with demos and rarities does it for me though. I don't care for posters and records, more the actual contact. A GATS box set with demos would definitely interest me. An official release of all those old demos that were on the Lipstick Traces and Turning Rebellion Into Money bootlegs would be kind of cool.

Or... ooo! A box set of the National Treasures O2 gig. All the live tracks, plus a DVD, plus... I dunno, sommat cool.
Good point! The National Treasures gig was a mess with the way the songs have been distributed - some download only, some as b-sides, others as import CD songs only. Just stick it on one album ffs.

Lipstick Traces 2 (mainly to hear the vinyl tracks on CD) would be really useful as well.
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