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Originally Posted by LA ex View Post
The National Treasures gig was a wasted opportunity to celebrate a great moment in the band's history. Still shocked that they didn't film it professionally.

How many of the songs from the gig have had official recordings released? I'm guessing the chances of the rest coming out are pretty much zero.
Originally Posted by Lee View Post
Yeah agree. I find it strange that they went to the effort of making a soundboard recoding, mixing it etc then sticking various songs randomly on a number of different formats. A digital download would’ve been great if a physical one wasn’t financially viable.

I guess something like 16 songs are officially available from it?! Something like that?! The rest won’t see the light of day.

25 out of 38 were released, these 13 were the ones that didn't so far I think (unless I missed any!):

Love's Sweet Exile
Everything Must Go
This Is The Day
The Everlasting
Indian Summer
If You Tolerate This Your Children Will Be Next
La Tristesse Durera
Found That Soul
Some Kind Of Nothingness
Roses In The Hospital
So Why So Sad
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