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First gig of the tour for me and I enjoyed it more than I was expecting to. I’ve not really been in the Manics zone since around this time last year and have been busy in other fandoms, but I always find the Manics nice to come back to after a break. I enjoyed hearing the Truth tracks I’d never heard before, plus it’s always a treat to hear Ready For Drowning (one of my all time favourite Manics songs) I hadn’t heard Prologue to History since my first Manics gig almost 16 years ago (Move Festival), which is a bit crazy. James seemed really up for that one. It’s a shame that they’re not playing Nobody Loved You, but I can kind of understand why.

If I hadn’t heard about them soundchecking Umbrella yesterday, it would have been a big surprise them playing it tonight, but it was enjoyable nonetheless. Although I can’t help but think of Tom Holland on Lip Sync Battle whenever I hear that song now

I’m so glad they’ve ditched the arena gigs this tour. They are much better suited to venues this size and I actually came away all hot and sweaty afterwards, which I don’t think happened once on the RIF tour last year. The crowd round me on the barrier just to the left of James were decent...enthusiastic without being dicks about it.

Next stop Manchester for me. I like the Ritz and Mancunian crowds tend to be decent, so looking forward to those.
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