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Original Intros & Re-recordings

I'm trying to put together what I'd like to think of as a 'definitive' Manics collection in iTunes and could use some advice. The idea is (as far as possible) to have every track they've ever released (including on compilations) with the original intros and them out recent remastering for each track. Where a track's quite different (e.g. the US version of You Love Us to the UK version or acoustic/live/remix/demo versions of tracks) I'm keeping a copy of each.

Given the huge knowledge on this forum I'd like to know if anyone knows of any tracks other than the below which had different versions which weren't acoustic, remixes or demo versions.

Pre Generation Terrorists
- UK Channel Boredom (intro on original release not on 2012 GT box set)
- Tennesse (I Get Low) [different lyrics to GT version]
- Heavenly versions of You Love Us & Spectators Of Suicide
- Alt Heavenly version of You Love Us from Japanese single [thanks Dancing Kirby]
- Alt radio edit of the Heavenly version of You Love Us [thanks Porco]

Generations Terrorists & B-Sides
- Slash 'N' Burn (alt US mix with session drums)
- Nat West - Barclays - Midlands - Lloyds (alt US mix with session drums)
- You Love Us (alt US mix with session drums & 7" Version) [thanks Porco]
- Little Baby Nothing (alt US mix with session drums, original 'Streetcar Named Desire' intro & radio edit) [thanks Porco & Nobody]
- Crucifix Kiss (alt US Mix with piano in chorus?) [thanks Dancing Kirby]
- Loves Sweet Exile (intro removed on US version) [thanks Nobody]
- Japanese versions of Never Want Again & Dead Yankee Drawl on Suicide Is Painless single with slightly altered intros [thanks Dancing Kirby]

Gold Against The Soul & B-Sides
- Roses In The Hospital (7" Mix & 5:03 Promo Edit with different lyrics)
- Sleepflower (radio edit from US single) [thanks Nobody]
- La Tristesse Durera (7" Version) [thanks Nobody]
- What's My Name (longer intro on Lipstick Traces version and clip of Repeat) [thanks Nobody]

The Holy Bible & B-Sides
- US version of the whole album
- She Is Suffering (7" Version)
- Revol (alternative version with spoken bits on THB 20) [thanks Nobody]

Everything Must Go & B-Sides
- Design For Life promo edit [thanks Dancing Kirby]
- Australia (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]
- Take The Skinheads Bowling (original version and Lipstick Traces re-record on EMG 10 & 20)
- Dead Passive (original intro not on EMG 10 & 20)
- Hanging On (guitar scrape on single and EMG 20 but not EMG 10)
- Black Garden (Glory Glory intro on single & EMG 20 but not EMG 10)

This Is My Truth Tell Me Yours & B-Sides
- The Everlasting (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]
- If You Tolerate This Then Your Children Will Be Next (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]

Know Your Enemy & B-Sides
- So Why So Sad (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]
- Let Robeson Sing (radio edit with samples removed) [thanks Nobody]
- Ocean Spray (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]

Forever Delayed & B-Sides
- Multiple songs edits best ignored [thanks Dancing Kirby]
- There By The Grace Of God (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]
- Motorcycle Emptiness (2003 promo single edit)

Lifeblood & B-sides
- Empty Souls (single version with different lyrics) [thanks Porco]

Send Away The Tigers & B-Sides
- Underdogs promo version doesn't have cut and paste edit in chorus [thanks Dancing Kirby]
- Your love Alone Is Not Enough (instrumental version issued as promo) [thanks Nobody]
- Indian Summer (instrumental version issued as promo) [thanks Nobody]
- Autumnsong (instrumental version issued as promo) [thanks Nobody]

Journal For Plague Lovers
- Peeled Apples (samples removed on US version) [thanks Dancing Kirby & Nobody]
- Jackie Collins Existential Question Time (clean radio edit with edited lyrics) [thanks Porco]
- Marlon JD (samples removed on US version) [thanks Dancing Kirby & Nobody]
- Instrumental version of whole album issued as promo [thanks Nobody]

Postcards From A Young Man & B-Sides
- Anthem For A Lost Cause (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]
- Instrumental version of whole album issued as promo [thanks Nobody]

National Treasures
- Love's Sweet Exile (Acoustic Blue)
- This Is The Day (instrumental version issued as promo) [thanks Nobody]

Rewind The Film & B-Sides
- Show Me the Wonder (instrumental version issued as promo) [thanks Nobody]
- As Holy As The Soil (Captain Beefheart intro on promo versions) [thanks Porco]

Futurology & B-Sides
- Futurology (radio edit) [thanks Nobody]

- Leviathan (intro on download but not CD version)

That's all I can think of for now. In return for the help I could post up the isolated original track intros (where I have them) in Sound & Vision as I don't that should violate the policy against commercially available songs?
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