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Loved the album, wasn’t bothered by whoever had a problem with it. I loved that it won the Brits again, that it was huge in every sense; the sound, the success, the cargo pants, the stacked trainers... ! I have almost nothing but good memories associated with it. I strongly recall sitting in a hotel in Paris seeing the video for Tolerate, still one of their best videos I think. Then watching an episode of the Simpsons with a French dub on it. Good times

In my mind now, it was the last hurrah, the end of the era for 90s music. I know not actually, technically, but in a general sense, in terms of the albums that are important to me, it was the album before 9/11 2001, New Labour were still new, it was the time when “everything seemed possible” (to quote Golden Platitudes).

For most of that era I was at college, belatedly due to personal health issues. The widescreen vista of TIMTTMY was my soundtrack. Its accompanying tour was my first Manics gig. I remember being particularly happy Tsunami was to be the fourth UK single from the album.

Everything seemed possible.

Originally Posted by rosetree View Post
I bought the single that has Tsunami and Found That Soul on.
I guess you mean the Tsunami cassette that had Motown Junk on? I remember buying that too. I really loved the artwork for those singles, riffing off the polaroid photos of the album but with those lovely block colour sleeves. Then shocking pink and dazzling orange of the Tsunami releases was so cool, IMHO.
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