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This thread saves me making a new one. I uploaded Manics onto PS3 and made a playlist of last three albums I am unable to share as I don't go online with it.
Check out some bitching combos of three that pop up. And think the song at the end should have ended RIF.
Long list. If song you like isn't down here, sorry I didn't put it in. Happy scrolling!

Rewind The Film
Walk Me To The Bridge
International Blue
I Dream Of The Tokyo Skyline
Dreaming A City (Hugheskova)
Sequels of Forgotten Wars
Builders Of Routines
Sex, Power, Love And Money
People Give In
3 Ways To See Despair
Broken Algorithms
30 Year War
Let's Go To War
A Song For The Sadness
Running Out Of Fantasy
Europa Geht Durch Much
In Eternity
4 Lonely Roads
Between The Clock And The Bed
Dylan And Caitlin
Misguided Missile
Hold Me Like A Heaven
Anthem For A Lost Cause
Black Square
As Holy As The Soil (That Buries Your Skin)
Devine Youth
The Left Behind
This Sullen Welsh Heart
Shit actually typed out now one left what have I missed off? Distant Colours

MADE A MOVIE OF MY POETRY IN MY BEDROOM Top that, mainstream and counterculture! Cut straight to the chase about environment

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