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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
He wore it far longer than just that day. His last interview with the Japanese press was on Jan 23rd I believe (he picked up the reporter at the train station wearing the PJs under his coat) and there are stories of him dressed like that showing up in London and now it seems he was dressing that way during the recording sessions too. He more than likely was dressing like that to sympathize with the victims, but I think he also probably saw himself as a victim on their level as well which is perhaps why Stringer maybe had words with him, if that story is actually true. The man was clearly mentally ill and going through a shit time though so you can't really judge him too harshly, as far as I'm concerned.
It's also possible that Richey was just being sincere and himself in portraying his feelings about the holocaust and more so with the intenseness of his album, in that he became completely involved in the content. It's also possible that he felt more a victim of the stigmas attached to mental illness. I also think the band were always supportive and never patronising, but possibly outsiders were who had no concern.

I don't know who has complained about anything? but I have seen some vile comments on the thread about the authors and Rachel and suggesting manipulations, though I think it's just a good idea to keep an open mind about opinions and suggestions of what happened.
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