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Originally Posted by raven View Post
It's possible that his choice of clothing and the holocaust identification is being misconstrued though? Not unlike the links to Rob Stringer. Apart from the last interview and photos I'm not sure if the accounts of him wearing them in the studio etc are verified or more supposition arising from the book. I puzzled as to why the interviewer didn't ask him as he asked about his shaved head. It could have been an all is vanity statement as shaving his head seemed in part to have been? All is vanity in reference to both his own vanity or a rejection of it and also to everything being in seems fair to suppose that by that date he'd made his mind up about something? It's only a theory like linking the pyjamas in to the holocaust but I don't feel that he would attempt to draw a parallel or attempt to identify with the holocaust victims so closely. If you look at his lyrics, if you listen to what he had to say on a film like Schindler's List, widely praised yet he felt dangerous because it risked giving the wrong impression...that the decent acts of one Nazi may reduce the scale of the evil perpertrated by the many in the minds of those approaching the history maybe for the first time through this film....I don't feel like he was the kind of person to try and appropriate the sufferings of the victims who died in the camps....I feel he may have felt that idea as abhorrent as Schindler's List.
At the time there were more references to the fact he was wearing the same converses as Kurt Cobain when he shot himself.
I'm not having a go....I just feel like we need to take a little care around contrast to the authors of this book. For we are better than that
I think it's likely Richey shaved his head and wore pyjamas around the time and in the studio because he felt an affinity with the suffering and crimes and he portrayed expressions in THB. As the band had visited Dachau during making the album, Richey had mentioned his distress at the idea of 'certain politicians and writers playing down the horror of such a place'. He had said the film was misleading in the scale. Though it is telling a particular story. If the Rob Stringer story is true or an implication about the band. I don't think they would have seen it as an importance as implied they were concerned about the loss from the album? I think their feelings for Richey were unconditional irrespective, though it is likely Richey's health problems were accelerated in writing THB, as he became absorbed in it and he had become more depressed in the events that happened to him during the time. I think if there was more evidence from the time of investigation there wouldn't have to be so much speculation. It does seem possible though that he could have planned to leave everything and live somewhere unknown, as he had mentioned such ideas in interviews.
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