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Originally Posted by Routine Builder View Post
*member who complains about antisemitism being mentioned ends up derailing the thread onto anti semitism. Sigh, people complained when I wanted to talk about Richey’s lyrical style....

Note 1: All I'll say on the matter is racism of all types is on the rise, not just anti-semitism. It isn't a whataboutery argument but people seem to forget that it was a certain party that encouraged a certain xenophobic mindset and that's expanded to include minority citzens who have roots going back decades if not centuries. People seem to feel more relaxed about expressing their prejudices. This country feels like a simmering kettle at the moment.

Note 2: It's not really for Goyems (speaking as one) to decide whether or not Jewish people are feeling more threatended in today's society. I would also remind people that jews are more sensitive to this stuff because of the attempt to wipe them off the world. They feel it, that' what matters.
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