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Originally Posted by rosetree View Post
It's also possible that Richey was just being sincere and himself in portraying his feelings about the holocaust and more so with the intenseness of his album, in that he became completely involved in the content. It's also possible that he felt more a victim of the stigmas attached to mental illness. I also think the band were always supportive and never patronising, but possibly outsiders were who had no concern.
I'm sure he was very sincere, but he was indulged because of his illness. Not even an eccentric could get away with dressing like a concentration camp victim because he/she empathized with them. There are certain places you don't go and that's one of them. That being said, I don't think he ever told anyone that was the reason he was wearing PJs. Maybe he just liked being comfortable or maybe he was just a desperately lonely person looking for attention? I've heard things over the years about the things he did just so he wouldn't be alone. His sister apparently speaks to this in the book as well. Pretty sad stuff.

Originally Posted by Velocitygirl View Post
I remember Waters making those comments, too. But, like yourself, I have read nothing from the Manics to actually back that up. I remember an old interview with Richey in which he stated, very much in passing, that if Palestine had oil things would be very different there. And it was definitely Richey making that statement so the interview is at least 24 years old.

I Googled Manics and the boycott, but all I got was Waters' comments again. Nothing from the band themselves.
I don't recall Richey ever making any statements about Israel or the plight of the Palestinians. Do you remember where you saw that? Anyway, I think Israel is far more important to Americans and western allies as a strategic, like-minded military ally in a region they view as uncontrollable. Even if there was oil there, I'm not sure their support of an Israeli state would waver.

Originally Posted by raven View Post
And as for Roger Waters mentioned - he didn't actually say the band were supporters to be fair. He himself is absolutely but he was making the general point that many artists worry about speaking out about the Israeli government for fear of being labelled anti-semitic with the exceptions of artists like Costello and the he wasn't saying they were supporters only that they had the confidence to express their opinions.
How would he know though? Maybe they signed one of those BDS declarations or something? They must be worried about being labelled antisemitic too if they've not said anything publicly though. Lol!

I agree that they've never really had much conviction about a lot of issues outside of Britain even when Richey was around (not entirely a bad thing mind you). Richey used to say, particularly throughout '94, that he didn't believe that bands or celebrities could make a difference when it came to social issues so maybe they all believe that. It does seem to be a small bone of contention among some Manics fans that a band who were so politically charged lyrically at one time, rarely say anything at all anymore about important issues. Personally, I don't care about that kind of thing, but I can see why a Brit might be a little miffed by their silence especially these days.
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