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Originally Posted by Bryter Layter View Post
I'm sure he was very sincere, but he was indulged because of his illness. Not even an eccentric could get away with dressing like a concentration camp victim because he/she empathized with them. There are certain places you don't go and that's one of them. That being said, I don't think he ever told anyone that was the reason he was wearing PJs. Maybe he just liked being comfortable or maybe he was just a desperately lonely person looking for attention? I've heard things over the years about the things he did just so he wouldn't be alone. His sister apparently speaks to this in the book as well. Pretty sad stuff.
He was unwell, though I was just mentioning there may be some connection between his actions and lyrics on morality, injustice, political correctness, than equating himself or being comfortable in where he went.
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