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Originally Posted by handbag View Post
This is only a comment I read on Instagram, so take it as that, although I'd imagine This Person would've asked SHR.

According to the author itís because they have to keep omitting private details (addresses, etc.) from the book...

I know Richey's flat and details where the band have lived in the past is out there and fans would know the addresses. Maybe it's a legal thing to not mention them? I'm not an author so that's only a guess.

I really do think that sales of the book are going to be pretty poor. That's not even me having a downer on the thing. I think it'll soon blow over. I don't think the band will mention it and it already seems those who've read it are taking the info with a pinch of salt. It's disheartening to see fans being excited over receiving the book in the mail. To me it'd be like someone posting dog shit through my mailbox.
Yeah, that may be the official line but I donít believe it for a second.

Very much hoping it will be a quickly-forgotten unpleasantry in the grand scheme of things. Itís just so, so sad that it is what it is, rather than what it could have been, and the schism its revealed - and widened.
I'll fax you an apology
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