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I can't take the book seriously. I've stopped even thinking about anything written in it. Take the school report. That would've been his first year at secondary school, I think. His grades were average so how did he get a scholarship to some fancy school? All the "extras" come from what sounds like gossip sessions between SHR, Rachel and Jo. Shit about being in love with Nicky. Shit about Richey having autism. The poor lad couldn't even go for a wee after eating without us being told he could've been a purger because his teeth became janky. Or it wasn't bulimia, it was drugs that caused it. Drugs he bought from dealers who were after him, maybe.

It really is a pile of shite. I'm going to sit in my own bubble and remember him as he was when I first read interviews, whether he was lying about things or not. I know intentions were good on Rachel's part, but my final opinion is that the book reeks. Fortunately it didn't even enter the world with bang, but with a whimper
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