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Originally Posted by Son of Stopped View Post
Manics drummer browbeaten by faceless pressure group into pulling an ad for their new album in the Daily Mail shock!!

Will Stop Funding Hate then go on to stop people funding extremist ideology both National and Islamic? The fuck they will!
All papers and most TV and alternative Internet stuff is bullshit anyway. If you believe a tenth of their shit you deserve everything you get.
And of course the group doesn't want censorship or the newspapers to be pulled from sale (Check the criticism entry on this so... Just want certain bands and companies not to advertise in papers? But that's not sinister. The ends justify the means. Omelettes cannot be made without their integrity of their structure being compromised.

It's people like that which make me wish the UK had Ted Nugent type people.
As it is, let's welcome our new doublespeak! Resistance seriously is futile.
I don't see anything wrong or contradictory in a campaign that asks companies to think about where they pay to advertise especially where the companies purport to value ethical policies. Having said that and also understanding Sean's distaste I think such a paper is a perfect place to advertise the forthcoming album - their readers need to be converted...reach the masses against the classes
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