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Originally Posted by Porco View Post
Yeah, I expect the bonus tracks will turn up on (legit) download sites before too long.

As I always point out when people start asking about importing, beware of getting hit by the extra VAT and handling fees if you are thinking of importing to the UK (and many other countries). offer a pre-paid option that avoids nasty surprises later, though they donít have the 2-disc RIF when I looked the other day (they are selling the standard 1-disc with bonus tracks). But that £33 from CD Japan could be more like £50 before you know it with the extra bits and pieces.
Yeah, I don't really get that shit. Alright, I understand that the government would rather us keep our money in the country although they're perfectly happy for themselves and business leaders to hide their money abroad... But yeah, if you can buy summat that's readily available here, that you can pay VAT on, it's understandable that the government would want to disuade people from buying the same thing from abroad. But this isn't readily available here and it won't be..

Just baffles me that's all, we've got Philip Hammond, Liam Frost and Boris Johnson giving it all this about how we're going to be swimming in post-Brexit trade deals, while essentially penalising customers in this way. Alright, this isn't even a drop in the ocean but I won't get me hopes up about any bigger deals.
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I've said it before and I'll say it again. Manics fans, never fucking happy.
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