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I knew ME since 1993. My father and me - we loved the song. In 1997 I found an old cassette with the song and started to play it regulary at home. My father bought EMG und GATS then und I really got into the band.
When TIMTTMY was released, I was already really obsessed with Manics and the first four albums were part of our home. Truth was a shock. It reminded me of Queen in 80s compared to early 70s. But I fell in love with the new style and briefly I really had the feeling, it‘s their best album. I believe a part of it was the really great sound the album has.
Suddenly it was possible to talk with my schoolmates about it. Everyone liked it. I was happy for them to be that succesfull. They were in radio, girls wanted me to show them, how you can play the songs on guitar...
First I really loved almost everything. I never liked Tsunami, whistling solo and Black Dog (saved for the coda) Then I woke up a litte bit and started to prefer My Litte Empire, Nobody Loved You, SYMM and Born a Girl. Then I woke up completely and started to hate the album. For years. Before the horrible Postcards came I considered the album the worst. And only a few years ago I made piece with it. One of them once said in an interview for a czech magazine: „we had had a great success with EMG and we thought it would be great to make it again“ I think you can hear this approach on the album a lot and many bad choices were made just because of it. James‘s songwriting was definitely success-oriented and that clashes with my ears. But it was the last time they got a little bitte genius in it, that‘s why I consider it the best off bad albums they made :-)
Actually the fact I never really listened to this album regulary in this century saved the memories very well - I can really feel it immediatelly - our sound system in the bedroom, the white CD und pom pam pompom pam...theeee gap that.... It was definitely a big part of the most important years of a young man - I was 14 - it influenced me a lot and set me on the path of defining my style....
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