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Lemme copy-paste my story from the post about Motorcycle Emptiness being an overrated song.

I'm a bit young within the Manics fanbase context, being born in 1989, and in Croatia early 1990s historicaly kinda sucked. (Ahem)
My first real memories of the Manics start with Tolerate, which of I've seen the video back when the song was a hit and could be seen/heard everywhere on TV and radio stations. I liked the song (although, it could have been an influence from my elder siblings), but, as you might have noticed, I was too young to care (how old was I? 7? 8?)

When I hit puberty, and chose the punk way, I discovered Generation Terrorists amongst my brother's cassette collection. It was love at first hearing.
Additionally, I couldn't speak any English back then, but I knew the Manics' reputation already, so I genuinely trusted the lyrics must be good, clever etc. However, since I couldn't understand the words due to language barriers, naturally I focused more on James' singing and, man, was it dreamy! ~~~~ ♥
Eventually, the Manics' song lyrics and translated Japanese video games became my favorite English learning boosters.
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