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Old 24-11-2010, 21:54
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Originally Posted by Bambi View Post
Does anyone else think 'I Know The Numbers' might just be the best thing they've released from the whole PFAYM era?

There's just so much raw feeling there, with James' voice allowed to stand on it's own, no multitracking (and no fucking gospel choir). It seems to have more in common with 'Too Cold Here' or 'Facing Page: Top Left' than it does to its parent single or album. It's really quite striking, like walking from a stuffy room into crisp winter air.
You know, I think it may well be. I'd really like to see them do a stripped back acoustic album.

Overall the bsides for this album have been average. I quite like Distractions and Lost Voices but they're a bit forgettable.
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Old 25-11-2010, 16:47
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Will "Time Ain't Nothing" the next vinyl B-Side from "Some Kind Of Nothingness" be available as an mp3 download as "I Know The Numbers" was?
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