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Old 29-07-2009, 22:16
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B-sides collection - is it really complete?

4 years lates I decide to re-upload the complete b-sides list. I don't consider live version, acoustic versions and remixes (but I do consider alternate versions, like Tennesee (I Get Low) and the two Heavenly songs later re-recorded.
The songs are divided into eras. In order to create a companion cd for every album, I merged the Know Your Enemy and Forever Delayed eras (though I know they sound quite different) and I did the same for the Postcards From A Young Man and National Treasures eras.

I put Suicide Is Painless in the GATS era...just because the GT B-sides cd has 22 tracks and it's almost full, and the GATS one just 10.
I put Bright Eyes in the THB era because, although it was released in the EMG era, it was recorded during the Astoria concerts in 1994.
I put The Masses Against The Classes (and its b-sides) in the TIMTTMY era because...because that song (and Rock and Roll music) was played at the Millennium concert, that's a typical TIMTTMY concerto (no KYE stuff in it).

All the songs in each eras are sorted in chronological order.

Now...I'm gonna post the screenshots of all the playlist.

Thank you!

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