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Old 15-02-2019, 10:37
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Originally Posted by raven View Post
SHR should have remained objective if she is first and foremost a writer ...
This is just it. The book claims to be dispelling myths, but it is just creating them. This isn't a warts and all account of anything. The rounded picture of Richey includes less pleasant aspects, as it would for any one of us. These are mysteriously absent. A sycophantic move? Increasing saleability?

Originally Posted by raven View Post
Sorry to hear about what happened to you. I think on forums and well social media generally we can forget there's a person sitting behind the screen and when it comes to discussions like this some people may be bringing more of themselves into it than we always realise so we all should tread a little more kindly
S'fine, I only mention to show there's another way to think of it. I don't necessarily think people should be wary as such, just to be sure we're using correct terminology, and that this Richey stuff isn't something that only happens to bands. It's real life, and sometimes that gives us another angle with which to look at a situation.

Originally Posted by raven View Post
Anyway yes we can forget as fans or as writers that of course you can talk about it but it's not an episode of Broadchurch for everyone, it's not just interesting gossip. I could surmise Rachel feels the band have always had an outlet or platform for their memories and she doesn't have that in the same way....she's losing 'her' brother...
I think that's a fair comment, and absolutely reasonable to speculate it's one reason for Rachel to have a grudge against the band. There are so many potential reasons, but there's no evidence they have ever done wrong by her family, or Richey. On the contrary, plenty of evidence to suggest that they have been very generous in all ways it's possible to be.

We could go round in circles. The most basic fact is that SHR has changed her Richey/James/sex/relationship story so frequently (via blogs, publications, speaking face to face with people) that it's all just merged. This changing, merging, shows an author's writing should be, at the very least, taken with a pinch of salt. And for something that's supposed to be the absolute truth, that rather renders the book pointless.

Given that there's a co-author/ghost writer, and yet SHR has (several times) written to People Of Note touting her skills and intentions, makes me further doubt any altruism at all.
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