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Originally Posted by Marat Sar View Post
And craft, so much craft, Sega Cyber Samurai '93 levels of musical craft.
Yeah, so much craft behind
"Oh Vivian!
Oh Vivian!
Oh Vivian!
Oh Vivian!
Oh Vivian!
Oh Vivian!"
Real craft right there!

Seriously though, aside from Vivian and Dylan & Caitlin, and Hold Me Like a Heaven, I do think this a pretty good record. People Give In is an excellent opening track, International Blue is their best single in about ten years, and the only critisism I have with Liverpool Revisited is that its too short! I especially enjoy the second half of the album, Sequils to Forgotten Wars is like an awsome, mad Generation Terrorists and Futurology mash up, In Eternity is possibly the best song on the album, and Im not even a Bowie fan! I love Broken Algorithms in all its insane glory, A Song For The Sadness is beautiful ( although i cant understand why they chopped out the extra verse from the demo ) and I even quite like The Left Behind, although i feel the album needed a stronger closing song.
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